Working in a fast-paced environment, where there are many unconventional requests and diverse needs, Luke Baker, Founder of VentureSense, needs an accounting partner that can be flexible, responsive and strategically-minded. That’s where Strategic Accounting come in. We understand that Luke’s business needs are not always standard or conventional and we always aim to ensure he gets the best outcome for himself, his business and his clients.

‘I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Strategic Accounting. I already do on a regular basis. They are reliable, trustworthy and dynamic; they’re always looking for ways to improve our position both as a business and personally.’

At Strategic Accounting we work with Luke across a broad range of business and personal accounting services and strive to be attentive to his day-to-day requirements as well as being proactive in offering high-level, added-value advice.

‘Strategic Accounting are always open to whatever I throw at them,’ says Luke. ‘I completely trust in the relationship and the advice they give me. They fully understand our requirements as a business and I’m confident they will always work to ensure we’re in the best possible position.’

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